The Government Shutdown Impacts Small Business

As the government shutdown lingers on, the impacts felt specifically by small business takes on a greater toll, most specifically by creating revenue losses due to a change in their business volume and patterns. Recent news abounds with articles telling of communities surrounding national parks, where a material number of its residents operate private businesses servicing park visitors, and have had a dramatic downturn in customer traffic due to a park shutdown or a limited operating schedule.

In another example, the Washington D.C. transit system has had a substantial downturn in ridership due to a large number of government employees who are not currently reporting to work.  Business owners whose products or services rely on that volume of ridership are being negatively impacted as well. The bottom line is, with a shutdown in uncharted waters, business owners, whether affected by the shutdown or not, should be thinking about business risks and how they can mitigate those risks.  Exploring options with Oxford can better position business owners to be prepared to weather these risks and a multitude of others. Feel free to contact us at for more information.