Better Safe than Sorry!

On June 13th, King Arthur Flour, Inc. voluntarily recalled around 14,000 five-pound bags of unbleached flour due to potential E. coli contamination after being notified by their supplier certain wheat used to make their flour had been linked to reports of an E. coli outbreak. As one can imagine, this could potentially be a significant cost and resource effort for any company to undertake, and having protection in place for such a low frequency, high severity event with Oxford’s Actual Net Income Loss Policy could potentially help them recoup some losses. One example could be through Product Recall Expense which provides coverage for income loss and extra expenses incurred that are related to removing the product from production, distribution and the like.  If you are a business owner that could be subject to a risk,  you should consider reaching out to one of Oxford’s Risk Management Consultants for a discussion at 410-472-6490.  To read full recall article click here.