Why Oxford

Risk Management Is What We’re All About

In forming the company in 2010, Oxford’s founders had a vision– to create the highest caliber captive insurance management firm in the nation. That vision has been realized as Oxford evolved into the most respected alternative risk transfer management firm in the industry.

The Oxford brand has become synonymous with high quality. Our best-in-class team approach – bringing together the most respected and experienced experts from around the world– provides our clients with private insurance solutions far beyond the capabilities of other firms. Our strategic partner relationships span many diverse disciplines including risk management, captive management, actuarial, legal, tax, investment and audit services.

We are the nation’s leader in delivering comprehensive enterprise risk solutions to the most successful businesses, financial institutions, professional athletes and entertainment personalities in the country. Independent advisors from a wide array of disciplines collaborate with Oxford to engineer conservative programs with a compliance – first mentality, while establishing and maintaining impeccable client service standards. We did not invent the alternative risk management industry, but we have certainly perfected the captive insurance space – providing customized risk management services to more clients than any other company in the enterprise risk industry.

Our award-winning pedigree is evident in every aspect of our business. Experienced advisors who know captives, and the insurance regulatory agencies who oversee us, agree that Oxford is the Gold Standard in the captive insurance space.

We have represented over 1,000 clients who have paid billions of dollars in premiums over the years. We have the financial strength necessary to stand behind the contractual claims obligations we undertake and the critical mass to sustain predictable results in the future.

Even though Oxford has seen unparalleled growth and success, the industry is in the midst of change as government agencies examine captive insurance arrangements to assure compliance with established regulations and guidance. Our clients and their advisors continue to place their confidence in Oxford’s team of seasoned professionals, recognized as the most experienced and respected in the business. Our experts continuously collaborate to provide us with the guidance necessary to step up to the challenge, improve our client solutions and operations, and maintain compliant best practices in every conceivable manner.

Oxford’s expertise was sought out by industry lobbyists to shape recently enacted legislation affecting our industry. Clients and advisors alike rely on Oxford’s best practices and procedures to allow us to remain ahead of the curve and evolve with this exciting industry. We remain active in our support of industry groups focused on lobbying efforts for the benefit of our industry.

We encourage you to get to know Oxford better. We are one of the few firms that qualify as an ICCIE Trained Organization for our commitment to continuing education. We invite you and your clients to take the time to visit our corporate offices and meet our award winning team.

We take risk management seriously. Captive insurance management is our only business, and nobody does it better.

Industry Leader

Today’s alternative risk transfer marketplace is robust and thriving. From a historical perspective, businesses have long recognized the numerous benefits of and have elected to utilize private and self-insurance programs to address their risk management needs.

As regulatory scrutiny of captives intensifies, clients and their advisors are becoming more cautious in their selection of a management firm for their existing or new programs. Oxford’s unwavering commitment to conservative, responsible and compliant best practices has earned us recognition as the industry leader, recommended by the most influential advisors in the nation. A flight to quality has commenced, with the Oxford brand leading the way.

As the nation’s enterprise risk leader, our dedication to excellence has allowed us to achieve growth and critical mass which is the envy of the industry. New clients are referred to us by many of our existing clients, as well as the nation’s most respected property and casualty insurance agencies, law firms, accounting firms, wealth management and financial advisory firms. When we ask new clients and advisors how they came to contact us, the answer is usually: “ I was referred by….” Experienced advisors and sophisticated clients alike trust Oxford to pursue excellence in every aspect of our practice.

Partnering with Oxford means partnering with quality and distinction. Oxford’s best-in-class advisor network brings world-class risk management services to our clients. Our independent strategic partners are nationally recognized as the leading experts in their respective fields. The most experienced experts the industry has to offer, all part of team Oxford.

Hard work and commitment to delivering the ultimate customer service experience has led us to where we are today.

Oxford’s private insurance solutions are proven complements to effective risk management initiatives. Let us show you how we can partner and work together on a collaborative basis for the benefit of our advisors and their clients.