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The decision to form a captive insurance company should closely resemble the prudent decision – making process for the establishment of any new business enterprise. The Oxford Risk Management team will work with clients and their advisors to help evaluate the essential elements critical to successful captive design, formation and ongoing management of captive arrangements that best fit each client’s goals and objectives.

Establishing a private insurance program involves many steps that must be properly navigated to achieve successful, predictable results. While specific requirements will vary by insurance design and domicile, the professionals at Oxford will work with you through every step of the process necessary for efficient implementation and compliant management of the program.

A partial listing of our comprehensive services includes:

  • initial consultation
  • informal feasibility analysis
  • client engagement
  • risk management review
  • coordinated underwriting
  • domicile selection
  • business/investment plan design
  • formal feasibility analysis and study
  • application process oversight
  • regulatory approval
  • formal closing
  • ongoing management

Oxford offers numerous private insurance solutions designed to address our clients’ unique goals and objectives. We offer a wide variety of captive insurance arrangements including stand alone, series, protected cell and group structures. We also offer specialty designs, which allow us to accommodate clients with modest risk management needs at cost- effective pricing.

Oxford has the expertise to navigate the requirements essential to the operation of the captive within the highly regulated insurance sector. The insurance regulatory team in the chosen domicile will also oversee the organization and ongoing operation of the captive insurance company to assure ongoing compliance with the rules for that jurisdiction.

Oxford manages the program to ensure compliance with all known regulatory provisions as well as legal, operational, and reporting responsibilities for every private insurance solution we offer.

Over the years, the business needs of our clients will change as they continue to grow, acquire competitors, expand or liquidate their companies. Trusted advisors and their clients can count on Oxford to navigate risk management needs in a changing world.

If you are a successful business owner or a trusted advisor and have not yet discussed the financial and strategic advantages of a private insurance strategy, we welcome you to start the conversation now.

Don’t allow the past to dictate what you do in the future.

We invite you to schedule a meeting with the Oxford team; the most experienced and trusted name in the captive management business.