Our Pricing Advantage

Historically, implementation costs for a new captive insurance company have been significant. This has been especially true for captive companies domiciled in the United States. While captive insurance companies are used extensively by the majority of Fortune 500 Companies, implementation costs for small to midsize business owners have proven to be too high to allow them to benefit from cost-effective structures. Oxford Risk Management Group’s cost efficient captive structures allow businesses of all sizes to utilize a captive insurance company at reasonable cost.

Should you choose to form a captive insurance company, the professional team at Oxford Risk Management will coordinate implementation with specialists performing a variety of services offered by Oxford Risk Management Group, providing captive planning with one of the most attractive pricing structures in the industry. It is not unusual for prospective clients to tell us that charges for a competitors captive insurance company far exceeded what they were originally told by the promoter. The pricing process for Oxford captive insurance solutions is honest and straightforward, with no surprises or “fine print.” We have eliminated the hidden charges typically associated with captive insurance company formation and ongoing management, and in many cases our cost structure is significantly more attractive than the competition.

Oxford Risk Management Group’s turn-key approach is complemented by a fee structure which allows delivery of virtually every captive related service your program is likely to need. We work with our clients to design captive insurance structures which benefit from the advantages offered by the most attractive regulatory jurisdictions. Oxford has developed unique, efficient structures, which allow clients to benefit from reduced costs in several areas:

  • Oxford has RARELY increased client charges for our comprehensive fee structure
  • Oxford Companies do not assess a separate charge for up-front feasibility analysis
  • Our structures allow for implementation with reasonable capitalization requirements
  • Our fee for utilization of our reinsurance pool is straightforward and among the lowest in the industry
  • Investment returns on pooled accounts are allocated to the captive owner
  • We do not assess annual asset charges of any kind
  • There is no “up charge” for implementation in domestic (on-shore) jurisdictions
  • There is no additional cost tied to your investment plan
  • The majority of our captive structures do not assess termination fees
  • Series Business Unit and Series Protected Cell clients of the Oxford Companies are not billed for independent audit costs

Our cost structure includes all costs for services provided by the Oxford Risk Management Group team of experts, including all implementation, legal, actuarial, auditing and captive management services in one cost-effective price. We offer one of the most experienced advisory teams in the industry today; influential, independent advisors who lead the industry in their respective fields. Oxford’s professional fee structure complements our captive insurance arrangements by providing Best-in-Class industry experts, with Best-in-Class total pricing for both domestic and international captive implementation.

Please consult with an Oxford Risk Management Group feasibility analyst for complete information on all charges, fees and expenses.  Always review your implementation materials, fee memo and participation agreements for full details on pricing.