New Facebook Rules will Sting Small Businesses

Facebook recently released an update to all of their users with new policies to take effect in early 2015.  One of these changes will effect over 80% of small businesses using Facebook currently as a free marketing tool.  Users like Chrissy Bossie built her own $100,000 per year gemstone e-commerce business simply by posting about her products a few times a week.  However, taking effect in mid January, Facebook will intensify efforts to filter out unpaid promotional material, forcing small businesses to pay for boosted posts.  Click below to read the full article.

New Facebook Rules Will Sting Small Businesses

These small business not only will suffer income loss, but will also will occur extra expenses to cover the cost of advertisement.  Loss of Key Supplier is one of many coverages your captive can insure.  Call Oxford today to discuss what uninsured risks your company may be facing.