Ongoing Management

The Oxford Risk Management captive managers function as an extension of the insurance regulators, and along with the exceptional Oxford service team members are your first source of contact for questions regarding the day-to-day operations of your captive insurance company. It is vital for your captive insurance company to adhere to the business and investment plans it has filed with the insurance regulators, and working with the insurance regulatory team is an important responsibility of every captive manager.

The manager will provide guidance and take responsibility for handling your captive’s daily business activities. It is not unusual for insurance regulators to undergo personnel changes over time, and therefore the expectations of your chosen domicile may change. It is crucial that your captive manager maintains a solid working relationship with the regulatory team and remains in touch with evolving management requirements. Your captive management and consulting groups should have extensive expertise in the design and management of innovative value-added captive products and programs. Since 1968 our lead captive manager has held numerous industry leadership positions, having developed extensive experience with captives, insurance companies and reinsurance companies in numerous domiciles around the world.

The captive manager also has potential responsibility for a variety of other tasks, including: issuing policies, processing endorsements and changes, premium billing and collection, providing risk management services and review, opening and overseeing investment accounts, claims review and processing (both in-house and via third party administrators [TPA]) working with auditors and examiners, coordinating the activities of legal counsel, actuary and independent auditor and acting as liaison with the insurance regulatory professionals. Oxford works with our lead captive management partners who are highly regarded as among the industry’s most respected professionals, providing personal, customized services to the alternative risk transfer arena.

In our experience, without question, Oxford Risk Management clients benefit from an approach that delivers independent, Best-in-Class experts to guide them through each and every aspect of their captive insurance company operations.