Why Oxford?

Oxford Risk Management Group specializes in conducting captive feasibility analysis and coordination of turn-key captive insurance company arrangements, both domestically and internationally. As an alternative risk and captive insurance research and consulting company, we focus on coordinating design, implementation, regulatory approval and management of new captive insurance companies. We have earned a reputation as one of the premier providers of conservative captive insurance structures in the industry. We were honored in Captive Review’s 2015 Enterprise Risk Captive list, recognizing the principal of our firm as one of the top 20 key influencers in the enterprise risk captive industry.  Oxford was also the recipient of the U.S. Captive 2016 Services Award for captive management of enterprise risk captives.

Before establishing a captive insurance company, there are numerous factors which must be considered. The feasibility specialists at Oxford Risk Management work with clients to develop a thorough understanding of the essential elements critical to successful captive design, formation and ongoing management. We are extremely proud of our team of experts, dedicated to providing our clients with the highest degree of experience and expertise available in the captive business today. It is difficult to imagine a team of experts as experienced as Oxford’s team – our captive management partners have 30+ years experience and are the most highly respected in their field; our actuarial partner has over 100 years of combined experience in the alternative risk space; our regulatory counsel plays an important role in drafting and influencing captive insurance law in the various domiciles we work with; our tax counsel helped to shape the landscape of landmark court cases defining the captive insurance landscape. No one else offers the complete Best-in-Class team we have assembled.

The decision to form a captive insurance company should closely resemble the decision making process reasonable for the establishment of any new business enterprise. In the case of a captive insurance company, the preparation of a business plan must also include an analysis of applicable insurance regulatory guidelines, tax analysis and legal requirements specific to your structure. Oxford Risk Management Group’s team of experts will provide the expertise you need to help develop a long-term plan for the proper development and implementation of your captive program. We provide the education necessary to allow our clients to ask the right questions and ascertain if a captive insurance company is a good fit for their unique organization and objectives. While there are many details and options to consider, our team will work with you so that, even if you are unfamiliar with captive insurance arrangements, you will be well-equipped to make an informed decision.

Establishing a captive insurance company involves many steps that must be properly negotiated to achieve a successful result. Without question, your captive insurance company will benefit from retaining the services of several different service providers from our Best-in-Class team, including Domicile Manager, Program Manager, Claims Manager, Legal Counsel, Independent Auditor and Tax Advisor, Independent Actuary and Investment Manager. The Oxford team will work with you on a turn-key basis to assure compliance with the regulatory provisions of your chosen domicile, as well as legal, operational, and reporting responsibilities for your captive insurance company.

Should you choose to form a captive insurance company, Oxford Risk Management Group will coordinate implementation with an Oxford Insurance member company, designated to underwrite and issue coverage in the domicile best suited to your specific objectives. With numerous available options, the Oxford team takes pride in offering its clientele conservative captive planning with one of the most attractive pricing structures in the industry. Oxford’s various captive insurance structures are designed to conform to all Internal Revenue Service requirements and available guidance. Our expert team consistently works with state insurance regulators, insurance regulatory bodies and independent tax and regulatory counsel to ensure that we maintain the most comprehensive tax and regulatory compliance for all captive insurance companies we serve. Pricing for our captive insurance solutions are honest and straightforward, with no surprises or “fine print”. We have eliminated the hidden charges typically associated with captive insurance company formation and ongoing management, and in many cases our cost structure is significantly more attractive than the competition.

Captive insurance companies formed with an Oxford Insurance member company are afforded a great degree of flexibility in the development of their investment plan. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that you may design an investment plan which is best for your situation. The Oxford Risk Management team does not interfere with the selection of your investment advisory team, does not require the inclusion of life insurance products, nor does Oxford direct your investments at its discretion. This philosophy affords our clients complete flexibility as to how and where captive insurance company assets are invested; providing the investment plan meets the insurance domicile’s regulatory requirements for reserve and liquidity needs.

The Oxford Companies are ready to educate, conduct feasibility analysis, and implement captive insurance arrangements for clients and advisors. We encourage a collaborative advisory team approach and welcome working with your independent accounting, legal and investment advisors. Let us show you the “Oxford Advantage” and how you can save time, save money, and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your captive arrangement was implemented and managed properly to help you achieve your goals and objectives, for years to come.