A Surprise in Your Coffee?

Starbucks announced today it plans to lay off 5% of its corporate workforce (Wall Street Journal). Swiftly changing consumer trends and the need to better and more quickly predict and adapt to them appears to be driving the reorganization. How might this all have any bearing on a small to mid-sized business and managing enterprise risk?  An element of Starbucks announcement calls for a change in per store traffic strategy, part of which includes slowing the pace of store growth in the U.S. If a business happened to perform significant work associated with construction, engineering, design or the like as part of Starbucks U.S. expansion, this news could be a circumstance resulting in the loss of a key customer, a key supplier, a key employee or the like. Small to mid-size privately held businesses can often benefit from risk management tools helping them more effectively manage such enterprise risks and control their insurance costs. If this news story brings to mind risks you face in your business that keep you up at night, we encourage you to reach out to Oxford and start a conversation with us around risk management solutions!