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Former Wells Fargo employees sue bank

Former Wells Fargo employees are suing the bank claiming wrongful termination.  The lawsuit states that employees were unable to meet “unrealistic” and “impossible” quotas without resulting to fraud resulting in employees failing to resort to... read more

Crider Inc. Issues Recall of Roasted Chicken

Crider Inc. is recalling approximately 5,610 pounds of Organic Roasted Chicken Breast that may be contaminated with foreign materials. Click here for the full story Please contact us at or 410-472-6490 to speak with... read more

What happens when there’s a mistake in your 401k

A retired IT professional had their former employer erroneously deposit a portion of a bonus to their 401(k).  The company overlooked their plan’s rules that prohibited retirees from making contributions.  The retiree may be required... read more