Do Uncertain Times Impact Your Risk Management Approach?

Pick up any newspaper or read any online business article, and news abounds concerning economically driven events that potentially keep business owners up at night. From the news this week Sears is preparing to file for chapter 11 protection, to reports some small and midsize companies are feeling the impacts of tariffs on China, predicting business risk and outcomes isn’t easy. In regard to tariffs, some business owners are finding their supply chain has been interrupted and they need to seek out alternative sources of materials. Others are finding price and revenue impacts, both negative and positive, due to increased tariff levies. Ironically, some small business manufacturers had moved production operations from China back to the U.S., only to find they are now at a distinct disadvantage to their counterparts who import from China.  If you are a small to medium sized business owner, a private insurance solution may provide unique alternatives to managing your risk management challenges. Coverages such as contractual liability, supply chain interruption, administrative actions and the like represent but a few of the many offered by Oxford. Call us to find out more!