Don’t Let Potential Profits Float Away

As reported by NBC News, a global helium shortage is causing Party City, the New Jersey-based party supply company, to shutter around 45 stores in locations throughout the nation, citing a short supply of helium as one factor hitting its profit margin.

It’s not just kids’ birthday parties at risk from the helium shortage — the lighter-than-air, nonrenewable natural resource has many more crucial applications, ranging from smartphones to MRIs.

Qatar, which produces around 75 percent of the world’s helium supply, was forced to halt all exports of the gas in 2017 after Saudi Arabia imposed a blockade, tying a knot in the supply chain.

While Party City is nearing an agreement for a new long term source of helium, mid-market business owners in any number of industry segments are not immune from similar supply chain woes, resulting in significant impacts to daily business routines, and negative flow-down to the bottom line.

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