Label Mix Up – An Expensive Mistake

On September 17, 2019, Perdue announced a recall on 495 pounds of ready-to-eat chicken. The recall was due to a labeling mishap where chicken that contains wheat, a known allergen, was labeled as gluten free. According to an article published by Forbes in January 2019, food recalls have decreased since 2016, however meat and poultry still account for approximately 15% of total food recalls (McCarthy, 2019). The frequency of these events causes concern for companies within the food industry, and especially private business owners operating within this space. What myriad of issues keep you up at night and what risk management do you have in place to mitigate? In the case above, Oxford’s Product Recall Expense coverage may be a solution you are looking for. As written, it provides coverage on the expenses and loss income associated with product recalls, an example of how Oxford’s policy. To learn more, please call 410-472-6490 and ask for an Oxford Risk Management Consultant.


Forbes Article: