Proposed Government Regulations Affect the Corner Store

This week the FDA, as reported in the Wall Street Journal, issued proposed restrictions estimated to be finalized over the next few months, which effectively would ban convenience stores and gas stations from selling flavored e-cigarettes in their stores. Flavored e-cigarettes are most popular with children and teens who buy flavors such as mango, shortcake, gummy bear and cotton candy. Additionally, online retailers will be restricted from selling bulk purchases and must implement third-party age verification services.  According to Nielsen data, 73% of US e-cigarette sales occur in stores and Juul would be the most affected by the new FDA restrictions. Business owners affiliated with sales related to e-cigarettes and related products may find growing regulatory attention is keeping them up at night with the uncertainty ahead. Enterprise risk management through captive insurance is one solution that business owners may find appealing.  With many coverage’s, one being Administrative Action, regulatory changes that affect a business’s bottom line may find some relief by have the proper coverage. We encourage you to call Oxford and learn if a captive insurance solution may be right for you!