Michigan E-liminating Flavored E-Cigarettes

In June, San Francisco became the first major city in the United States to ban sales of e-cigarettes. On Wednesday, Michigan became the first state to ban sales of flavored e-cigarettes. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, in... read more

Better Safe than Sorry!

On June 13th, King Arthur Flour, Inc. voluntarily recalled around 14,000 five-pound bags of unbleached flour due to potential E. coli contamination after being notified by their supplier certain wheat used to make their flour... read more

Don’t Let Potential Profits Float Away

As reported by NBC News, a global helium shortage is causing Party City, the New Jersey-based party supply company, to shutter around 45 stores in locations throughout the nation, citing a short supply of helium... read more

What’s a Landlord to Do?

Changes may be on the horizon to many state-sponsored rent-control measures, which if they become law, will certainly have an impact on business owners who are landlords with rental property holdings in those states. According... read more

Waiting…and Waiting….. for that Delivery

Over the past week, there has been growing concern over the traffic back-ups and delayed wait times for commercial shipping and logistics companies’ along the 2000 mile long US-Mexico border. According to the Wall Street... read more

Rain, Rain Go Away!

As recently published in the Wall Street Journal, according to early estimates from state and industry officials, Nebraska’s agricultural sector could be facing nearly a billion dollars in damage and losses after a blizzard and... read more