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Oxford continues to maintain their Best-in-Class approach, achieving another win in the enterprise risk management industry!  As of June 16th, 2020, AM Best has assigned Oxford Insurance Companies (Oxford), a Financial Strength Rating of A... read more

Oxford COVID-19 Preparedness

Oxford Remains Open for Business. As we monitor the evolving COVID-19 developments, we are reaching out to our clients and their advisors to reassure everyone that we remain committed to providing ongoing Best-in-Class captive management... read more

Epidemic Now Affecting Exports

As the coronovirus epidemic continues in China, it also continues to have a resounding impact on the U.S. for two main reasons, Chinese citizens are limiting the amount they are eating out and the ports... read more...

Going Green Causing Retailers to Go Red

Local legislation in Baltimore has passed a bill banning polystyrene foam (Styrofoam). While this is great news for the environment, our water quality, and waste management, it is a problem for production plants and local... read more...

Virus Causing Economic Disruption

While the main concern in China is managing the current coronavirus outbreak, economists have started to raise other concerns. China produces around 70% of the world’s vanadium alloys and accounts for 90% of the global... read more...